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Professor Øyvind S. Bruland

Professor Øyvind S. Bruland


Patients with bone sarcoma

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In a recent original article in Acta Oncologica, the experience over two decades in the management of primary high-grade bone sarcomas at The Norwegian Radium Hospital was analyzed. Important aspects on referral patterns, prognostic variables, outcome-measures and time-trends were presented for patients with Ewing and osteosarcoma.

Click here for a PDF of the paper

Figure: Osteosarcoma of the distal femur in a young patient treated with pre-operative chemotherapy and a limb-sparing surgical procedure.

The treatment of osteosarcoma has been reviewed in the following paper published i Eur J Cancer:

On the current management of osteosarcoma

Open document (PDF format)


Clinical protocols

Most of our sarcoma patients are included in clinical protocols that are coordinated by The Scandinavian Sarcoma Group. Please visit:

I am working clinically half-time with sarcoma patients at the Norwegian Radium Hospital.

For patient information: please visit
For research projects: please visit

We recruit patients into the following clinical protocols:

SSGXVII (PDF document) - guidelines for abdominal and retroperitoneal sarcomas

SSGXIII (PDF document) - high risk soft tissue sarcoma patients.
This protocol has recently been replaced by SSG XX. Click here for pdf of the protocol

SSGXIV (PDF document) Scandinavian Sarcoma Group has recently joined a trans-Atlantic collaboration. We now recruit patients with osteosarcoma into the EURAMOS 1 protocol.
Please visit for more details on this randomized trial, and also useful information on the epidemiology, tumorbiology and clinical aspects of osteosarcoma.

Euroboss I (PDF document)

SSGXIX (PDF document) - guidelines metastatic soft tissue sarcomas

Patients with skeletal metastasis


Skeletal metastases and radiotherapy

In the 8th edition of the ASBMR-primer (American Society of Bone and Mineral Research), published November, 2008, we have reviewed the current practice of external beam radiotherapy in skeletal metastases. Guidelines are presented on how best to select patients that should be offered a single fraction of 8Gy and those that should be given fractionated radiotherapy. Futhermore, the use of bone-seeking radiopharaceuticals is also discussed.

Click here for a pdf of the paper

We have also published results in "the green journal" from a randomised phase III clinical trial involving 376 patients with painful skeletal metastases form various malignancies. A comparison between a single dose (8Gy) and fractionated radiotherapy (3Gy x 10)revealed no major differences in the palliative benefit and shows that 8Gy x 1; with an option for re-treatment, should be standard management policy for these patients.

Click here to download the article (PDF format).

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Development of a novel bone-seeking radiopharmaceutical, Alpharadin, is in clinical phase 2 testing.

Paper in Clinical Cancer Reserach: High-linear energy transfer: Irradiation Targeted to Skeletal Metastases by the A-Emitter 223Ra: Adjuvant or Alternative to Conventional Modalities? (Hyperlink to a PDF of the publication)

Below, you will find information and links to various standard treatments of patients with skeletal metastasis.

Temahefte om skjelettmetastaser


Norsk Interessegruppe for Skjelettmetastaser står bak dette fagheftet.

Oppdatert informason og hvert av kaptilene i temaheftet finner du på

Gruppens sammensetning og formål kan du lese her (PDF-format).

Fagheftet kan bestilles her: NIFS-hefte.gif (klikk)

Fagheftets_innhold / Index of the booklet (pdf)

The various chapters of this booklet on the treatment of skeletal metastasis can be activated by clicking on the links below:

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15

Vitamin D - Sun exposure - Cancer


Publication in "Lung Cancer":

Porojnicu AC, Robsahm TE, Dahlback A, Berg JP, Christiani D, Bruland OS, Moan J. (2007 Mar)
Seasonal and geographical variations in lung cancer prognosis in Norway Does Vitamin D from the sun play a role?
Lung Cancer 55(3):263-70

View a pdf of the paper by clicking here

A study in healthy volunteers

Now e-published ahead of print

Porojnicu AC, Bruland OS, Aksnes L, Grant WB, Moan J. (2008 Feb 29)
Sun beds and cod liver oil as vitamin D sources.
J Photochem Photobiol B

Click here
for a pdf of the paper

Prostate cancer clinical research

Quality of life and survival outcomes following radiotherapy was recently published in the ASTRO-"red-journal"

Click here for a pdf of the paper

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